At HAPPY PR, we know that an important part of any campaign is evaluating its results. So while we’re celebrating a successful campaign for our client, HopCat, we’re also looking at what worked and why.

About the Campaign

After months of experimenting with 150 different fry seasonings, HopCat (with a little help from our team’s taste buds) narrowed it down to three flavor finalists to feature on the menu for its Decide the Fries contest.

HopCat featured Fiesta Fries, Shakshuka Spiced Fries, and Funnel Cake Fries on its menu for the entire month of September and encouraged guests to vote for their favorite flavor online.

The Decision (and the Results)

After a month of voting, the winner with 42% of the vote is Shakshuka Spiced Fries. That means, come January 2020, they will have a permanent spot on Hopcat’s menu. To keep the fry flavor buzz going, Hopcat is keeping the three contest flavors on the menu throughout the month of October for fans who haven’t tasted them yet.

During the month-long campaign, HopCat received about 150 media hits in 47 markets across the country! Some of the most memorable segments featured media personalities sampling the contest flavors on-air, giving even the most health-conscious viewers fry cravings!

Check out this interview on Detroit’s Channel 7 News:

Why Customer Engagement Is A Good Strategy

The HAPPY team loved working on this campaign – and not just because we got to taste some delicious fries. It was also a great reminder of why customer-focused campaigns work so well.

HopCat could have simply chosen the new flavor and announced the addition to the menu. That might have received a mention in a foodie’s blog or gotten a few shares on social media. Customers might try the new flavor, or they might just stick to ordering the infamous Cosmik Fries.

Instead, the company generated a ton of valuable media attention and a lot of excitement by allowing its loyal customers to decide what they liked best.

The campaign also provided valuable insight into customer preferences. Customers could communicate directly which flavors they liked best, and HopCat was able to use that feedback to implement the new menu feature. It’s a win-win.

This just shows how important it is for businesses to have interaction with their loyal customers. It explains the increase in companies producing a customer loyalty program to interact with their customers for engagement purposes, although many businesses find that they need help from a loyalty agency to perfect these programs. HopCat demonstrated a great program perfectly.

When a business wants to launch a new product or service, creating an engaging campaign that allows customers to have a say in the final decision results in a product you already know customers will love. Minimizing risk, maximizing gain. With more media coverage to boot.

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