In recent years, inbound marketing has earned a dominant role in marketing practices. It uses helpful content to attract potential customers to your website, convert those visitors into leads, and turn leads into customers to close sales. Although your public relations efforts and your marketing efforts will take you down two different paths, they are optimized when they work together. Professional PR marketers like Elite Lawyer Management ( understand this principle well. Often contributing to a smooth customer experience that keeps consumers coming back for more.

People stand behind brands they believe in, and the only way to get people to believe in you is to earn their trust. Since you can’t realistically go out into the world and personally befriend everyone in your target market, you need the combined power of PR and inbound to do the work for you.

Good PR will increase your visibility and reputation, earn you media coverage, and create a greater awareness of your business. But if you’re not ready to engage with your new audience, then what’s the point? One of the biggest obstacles we’ve had as a PR firm, has been working with businesses that weren’t optimized to capture new leads and engage with the increase of visitors they receive as a result of our PR efforts.

When awareness for your brand spikes, people are naturally going to go to your website (or visit your location) to learn more about you. So, if your website and content are lacking, there is a big missed opportunity. You might want to get in touch with web design services in order to give your website an overhaul and make it a better match for search rankings so that people will actually discover you and your business online.

This is where inbound marketing comes in. While PR generates attention for your business, inbound ensures you’re ready for it. As your visibility increases, more people will search for you. They’ll want to read reviews, learn about your brand, and find solutions to the problems your product can solve.

Alternatively, let’s say you’ve dedicated the necessary time to both inbound and PR. You’ve paid attention to your SEO, filled your site (and social media) with quality content, and because of this, more people visit your platforms. As more people visit your website and social media pages, your quality content will convert these visitors into customers.

Inbound marketing should ultimately become a cycle that builds momentum over time. As you create more content, close more sales, generate more sales forecast data, and create more happy customers, they will share your product/message with their networks, and the cycle will continue.

Measuring the return on investment of PR and media exposure has been a longtime frustration in the industry- for pros and clients alike. But with inbound marketing, we’re able to attach true value and return on your investment.