Between flu season and constant news updates about the quickly spreading Coronavirus, staying healthy is a major concern lately for most of us. Although there are many states that are looking set to reopen – according to this US states reopen list – there are many of us who are still worried about being affected by the pandemic.

So for this month’s HAPPY Deals round-up, we’ve gathered some of our go-to immunity-boosting and wellness brands.

While you can’t always completely prevent sickness, you can be proactive about your health by following any government or healthcare guidelines, following the advice of Lovegasm with regards to dating during the pandemic, washing your hands, getting the right nutrients, making sure your gut is full of healthy bacteria, ensuring your bodyhas enough sleep, and even wearing something like this N95 Respirator Canada has to offer when you go outside. All of these products are designed to help you with preventing sickness.

Force of Nature is an all-natural, child-safe cleaner.

Force of Nature Starter Kits

For those considering disinfecting their homes top to bottom, Force of Nature is a revolutionary appliance that uses electricity to convert salt, water, and vinegar into an all-natural, multi-purpose cleaner.

The safe, natural cleaner deodorizes, disinfects, and kills 99.9% of viruses (yes, even Coronavirus), on virtually any surface.

If you head to Force of Nature’s website, you’ll automatically receive a 40% off coupon for any Starter Kit – no promo code needed.

Vejo provides easy, on-the-go nutrition with a portable blender – just add water.

Vejo Portable Blender Starter Kit

Vejo is the world’s first pod-based, wireless and portable blender. Vejo is perfect for on-the-go parents, health-conscious commuters and travelers, and athletes looking to prepare for or recover from a workout, as it provides quick and easy nutrition no matter where you are.

Vejo blends are comprised of fruits and veggies picked at the peak of ripeness and freeze-dried to provide maximum levels of nutrition. There’s a blend specifically meant to boost immunity, as well as blends for other health purposes.

And if you’re worried about the health of the planet as much as your own, you don’t have to worry about being wasteful as the pods are made from corn and other biodegradable and renewable components.

Vejo also has an app, which features more info on ingredients and helps you track your blend intake.

Use promo code: IMMUNITY10 for 10% off all items on Vejo’s website.

Clean Juice offers cold-pressed juices and wellness shots.

Clean Juice

Clean Juice is a nationwide juice chain with two locations in the Grand Rapids area. It makes cold press juices and shots in-house, and all of its products are USDA Certified Organic.

The Elderberry and Immune Booster shots are a great choice to help prevent you from getting sick, or to help you get nutrients you need if you’re already feeling under the weather.

First-time customers can download the Clean Juice App and receive $5 off their first order. App also allows customers to order ahead to skip the line!

Cindy’s Suds home and bath products are small-batch, non-toxic, and 100 percent natural.

Cindy’s Suds

Cindy’s Suds founder, Cindy, is a local mom and Physician’s Assistant trained in conventional medicine. Her son had very painful eczema, and at the time, there weren’t any non-toxic products on the market that could help his skin condition. So she created her own line, which has since flourished into bath, body, and home products.

One of our favorite products from Cindy’s Suds is Germ Guard, which is 100 percent natural, created in small batches, free of preservatives and chemicals, and made from thieves oil. Germ Guard has antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties and can be sprayed throughout your home on hard surfaces, or used as a hand sanitizer.

Visit and use the code WZZM15 to receive 15% off your entire purchase!

LoveBug Probiotics help balance your gut bacteria, which is a major part of your immune system.

LoveBug Probiotics

Probiotics can go a long way to fight off illness. Eighty percent of your immune system is in your gut, and when probiotics (the good gut bacteria) are abundant in your body, it becomes harder for the bad bacteria to settle in.

LoveBug offers multistrain, sugar-free, non-GMO probiotics that can boost your immunity and balance your gut bacteria. They’re great for all ages, from babies to adults.

The company was created by a mom who discovered antibiotics had caused a severe imbalance in her gut bacteria that was negatively impacting her overall health. Probiotics immensely helped her improve her health and her young son’s health and inspired her to launch LoveBug.

You can receive 10% off your purchase on by subscribing to a recurring shipment.

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