Women Sizes 0-28 Try The SHEFIT Ultimate Flex on Glamour

SHEFIT offers fully-customizable sports bras for women of all sizes; their revolutionary patented “zip, cinch, lift” technology, created by Sara Moylan, has been applauded in top lifestyle and wellness publications, such as Cosmopolitan, Life & Style, PopSugar, SELF, Women’s World, and Women’s Wear Daily, just to name a few.

(Hint: the HAPPY team helped coordinate these top media hits!)

Most recently, SHEFIT graced GLAMOUR’s YouTube channel with a video review of its seamless Ultimate Flex bra.

The 10-minute video includes women, ranging in sizes from 0 to 28, wearing the SHEFIT Ultimate Flex. Check out the video below to see their honest opinions on the fan-favorited product.

We’re adding this to our long list of media wins for our clients!

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