Scary Mommy Features Dooeys

Finding a good house warming gift that’s original — and isn’t another bottle of wine — isn’t an easy feat. Lucky for you, Scary Mommy recently shared a list of the Best Gifts for New Homeowners. Our favorite item on the list? Dooeys slipshoes!

Take a look at what Scary Mommy had to say about Dooeys:

“Don’t be surprised if the new homeowners suddenly have an air of *refinement* now that they’ve achieved this huge milestone. So, they’ll love lounging with class in a pair of Dooey’s House Mules, which are vegan, sustainably made, and oh-so-chic. These shoe/slipper hybrids are made with lightweight cork and coconut husk cork soles and an apple leather upper that has a soft lining inside. From feeling more put together while working from home, to hosting house guests, to just hangin’ out, these mules will become their new favorite footwear to wear in their abode.”

You can grab your own pair at Dooeys’ website.