Romper Features MIG Living

We all know the trouble of having extra dry skin in the winter. We end up going through our favorite moisturizers twice as fast – but not all skincare products are created equal. Some have ingredients that aren’t good for you and are especially unsafe for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Thankfully, Romper compiled this list of “30 Pregnancy-Safe Moisturizers That Are Amazing Anytime,” and #5 on that list is HAPPY client MIG Living, specifically for their ritual body lotion bar!

Lifestyle writer Grace Gallagher says, “This stick of lotion makes moisturizing on-the-go a breeze and keeps hands from getting sticky. It can be used on itchy bellies or anywhere you need a hydration boost, and the formula is made with beeswax, wildcrafted herbs, and plant ingredients like pumpkin seed oil and raspberry leaf.”

The ritual body lotion bar is available at MIG’s website.