How We Helped a Shark Tank Entrepreneur Crush Her Nationwide Media Tour

Lucinda Cramsey stole the show on Shark Tank as she shared her struggles as an eighth-generation farmer trying to compete with big agriculture.

Her business, Moink, offers customizable meat subscription boxes with a variety of wild-caught salmon, grass-fed and grass-finished beef, pasture raised pork, grass-fed and grass-finished lamb, and pasture raised chicken. All Moink products come from nearly 100 small farms in America that are eco-friendly, ethical, and sustainable.

MOINK is a meat subscription service that provides organic, ethical meat sourced from nearly 100 small farms around the US

Moink isn’t just providing high-quality meat; it’s disrupting the meat industry by being the first meat subscription service that supports small farmers. We were proud to help Cramsey tell her story around the nation following her Shark Tank debut.

During this one-month campaign, our team secured earned media coverage valued at an estimated $200,000 for Moink. Cramsey was featured on talk shows and news segments in Los Angeles, Miami, Washington D.C., and St. Louis, in addition to other media hits.

Moink is making a huge impact, and it’s providing tender-hearted carnivores with delicious, ethical products in the process. We’re happy we could be a part of that.

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Lucinda shared that when she needed a national publicity plan that would make an impactin her famous Shark Tank wordsHappy PR “got her done.”