It’s back-to-school season, so we went on-air with our favorite eco-friendly brands in a TV round-up on ABC 13Take a look at some of these sustainable brands for school and home with our PR expert and contributor, Emily Richett.

Watch the segment below or keep reading for more about each brand. 

Sprout World

Sprout World has created the world’s first seed pencils. They are completely eco-friendly, non-toxic, and lead-free, so when you’re done using the pencil, you simply plant it and watch it grow! Each pencil produces one of nine different plant types, including herbs, flowers, and vegetables. 


PlanetBox lunch boxes are designed to be easy to fill up with real food while using less plastic. They’re stainless steel with no toxic materials and plenty of different storage options for different types of food. Each lunch box comes with a set of magnets and the option to purchase a carry bag.

Etee Wraps

Etee Wraps are a great alternative to single-use sandwich bags and other plastic food containers commonly used in school lunches. The wraps are organic, reusable, and biodegradable, and since they’re made with beeswax, all you have to do is warm the sides with your hands for the wrap to stick to itself. Wraps last about 90 days if used frequently.

Propur Water Filters

Ensure you and your kids have fresh, clean drinking water to take to school with Propur water filters. The West Michigan-based company produces filters for the countertop, water bottles, and even for showerheads. They don’t require a power source, and they’re infused with silver to prevent bacteria. 

Dash Into Learning

Dash into Learning is a beautiful set of books that help children learn to read, even before they know the alphabet! It’s a fun, yet simple way for kids to learn to read and fall in love with books.

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