With many small businesses and entrepreneurs making a significant shift to offer their products and services online, HAPPY founder Emily Richett decided to address some of the challenges of doing so in a recent episode of her podcast, The Amplify Show

In this episode, Emily interviews best-selling author Russell Brunson. Russell and his company ClickFunnels have helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs start and grow their online businesses.

For the business owners and entrepreneurs struggling with the online transition, Russell suggests keeping everything in perspective. 

“There are a lot of challenges right now but also a lot of opportunity. This is the greatest time of opportunity that most of us will experience in our lifetime and it’s important to keep that in mind instead of just feeling the fear.”

For people just starting out in online business, Russell shares his top three tips:

Determine Your Marketable Skills

Before you start selling, you have to ask yourself what you can sell and where your skills lie. 

Then, figure out how you can use those skills to meet people’s needs. Consumers may not need things now that they were buying a month ago, but they’re still spending money.

For entrepreneurs, it’s important to understand what products or services people are looking for, and delivering those.

Find Your Target Audience

After deciding on your product or service, you need to hone in on your target audience, your ideal customer. 

You’ll notice that like-minded customers may listen to similar podcasts, follow the same influencers, and become members of the same Facebook Groups. 

Start With a Service Mindset

It might feel like a bad time to try promoting yourself or your business, but Russell explains that a great way to spread the word about your business is to offer your services to those who need them. 

Find someone you could easily help and offer to provide your product or service to them for free. Doing this, you’ll be able to help someone who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford what you’re offering, and you’ll learn more about operating your business ( with less risk). Finally, you’ll receive testimonials that will help you attract more customers. 

Russell provides many more online business tips in his new book, Traffic Secrets which is currently available for free during pre-sale (just pay shipping). 

For more marketing insight from Russell Brunson, visit russellbrunson.com.

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