We’re thrilled to introduce you to Meredith TerHaar, our Operations Manager at HAPPY. Meredith brings 16+ years of broadcast news and management experience to our team and client family. Get to know Meredith and our team members in this new blog series, each week!

What experience are you bringing to the HAPPY team?

I’m excited to bring my 16+ years of experience as a broadcast journalist and newsroom leader to the HAPPY team. As a former assistant news director, anchor, producer, and reporter, I understand how newsrooms work. And that industry insider perspective is key to helping our HAPPY clients get the results they need for success. 

What do you do at HAPPY PR?

I lead our talented team of publicists, account executives, and associates to provide the best possible outcomes for our HAPPY clients. We offer a highly specialized level of service and my job is to ensure our team and our clients are always in momentum. 

Tell us about your favorite personality test and what it means to you personally and professionally.

I love this question because I happen to be very passionate about the Enneagram. 

I identify as a Type 3 with a 2 wing. If you’re unfamiliar with the Enneagram, that means that I’m motivated by setting and achieving goals for myself and my team (that’s the 3 in me) but I also strive to meet the needs of others and make sure they feel loved (that’s my 2 wing!).

The Enneagram is a wisdom tool that helps us better understand ourselves and others. It has elevated every relationship in my life. In the workplace, I’m someone who encourages team members to be the best they can be but also makes sure they feel valued and appreciated. I’m passionate about self-development and currently working towards an Enneagram certification. 

What’s your HAPPY place?

Lake Michigan in the summer! While my family and I love living in downtown GR, I’m a beach girl at heart. Our families are on the lakeshore and we visit often. Summer is such a fleeting season in Michigan that we try to make the most of every minute. Our children are young so right now that looks like splashing in the lake, building sandcastles and hoping they’ll take naps under the umbrella! 

What’s a fun fact about you?

I know how to surf! I grew up in Southern California but actually learned when my husband and I were living in Northwest Florida (while I was working for the NBC affiliate there). Unless it’s stormy, Gulf of Mexico waves are usually pretty small, which is just my speed. We still own our longboard and someday I’d love to try surfing Lake Michigan!

What is your favorite quote?

“At the end of this day, the world will either be a more or less kind, compassionate, and loving place because of your presence. Your move.” -John Pavlovitz

Rapid-fire favorites:

Drink: Cold brew coffee
Candy: Anything chewy (and sour!)
Restaurant: The Green Well
Sport: Running
Color: Every shade of blue (I’m a sky and water gal!)

We’re excited to have Meredith on our HAPPY team! You can connect with her on InstagramFacebook, or Twitter