2020 has proven to be an unforgettable year that challenged us in ways we never expected. Our PR agency is celebrating the growth that has come from the challenges and obstacles of this pandemic year and we’re focusing on building even more resilience and fortitude to take into 2021.

HAPPY PR Founder and lifestyle media correspondent Emily Richett is sharing some of her favorite ways to get into momentum in the new year. You can see her full list of 2021 goals and habits over on her blog and podcast and we’re sharing some of our favorites here.

1. If You Think, Drink!

Hydration is a simple way to make a dramatic improvement on your physical and mental health- being properly hydrated has many benefits from maintaining a healthy weight, to clear skin, to eliminating brain fog. 

Emily’s hack: know how much water you’re drinking and how you’ll hit your hydration goal! Emily says: 

  • Set your goal (mine is a gallon of water a day) and know what container to use and refill around what times each day.
  • For example, a 32 oz jar in the AM, during lunch, after lunch and throughout the evening hits my goal. You could use a bigger container or smaller – I find it easiest to stick to the same one and to use a *clear container so you can SEE how much you are drinking throughout the day. Straws are also helpful to keep the sipping up throughout the day. You can also use the 24oz mason jars and a dry erase marker to track how many times you fill it.

Water quality matters! Make sure you’re drinking filtered water. You can get a gravity filter like this one that also encourages even young family members to take charge of their own hydration.  

Don’t forget to hydrate your largest organ, your skin! 

Most lotions contain water, which you would think = hydration, but water attracts water so water-based lotions pull from your skin. Instead, use lotions with a beeswax base like the lotion bars from MIG that will seal all this great hydration IN. 


2. Write It Out.

Just like fitness and nutrition help your body, journaling is a simple habit that can help you to get clear on your intentions and to keep you on track. Whether you journal in the morning or at night, long-form or short, doesn’t matter. You don’t need a special, fancy book or system. Just a pen and some paper. 

Emily’s hack: Here is Emily’s simple daily and monthly ritual that is a great starting place: 


    • Each month, make a list of what is causing stress in your life- big and small
    • Make another list of what makes you happy
    • Then make a list of “what you can do” to get you out of stress and into happiness
    • Circle the ones you intend to focus on moving forward

DAILY JOURNAL: Each morning, assess what you have going on for the day then answer these 3, simple questions to get clear and set intentions for your day:

    • NEED- What do I need to do today? (These are things you really do need to show up for like appointments, meetings, and tasks that absolutely must get done).
    • GREAT– What would make today great? (Think, how could I feel really good about this day? It might be a feeling you have, a nagging to-do finally crossed off, or enjoying a family dinner).
    • LET GO- What is one thing, to-do, burden, thought I can let go of today?


3. Protect Yourself & the Earth

There are plenty of little swaps you can make that will benefit not only you but the entire planet. 

  • Disposable masks are littering the streets and landfills. If you’re wearing a mask often, consider a re-usable one. These masks from Debrief Me will plant a tree for every mask purchased, and Baby Jack & Co. makes masks specifically for kids that come with a lanyard so they’re less likely to lose it. 

  • This $10 tool will help you avoid germs and touching door handles – super helpful to throw in your purse or car. 

Check out some of Emily’s other tips over at her blog, including her tricks for staying on track and holding yourself accountable to big goals. 

From all of us at HAPPY PR, we wish you a very HAPPY and healthy new year!