As a business owner or CEO, you’re very good at what you do. You may even be the best in your industry. Despite this, you’re not getting the media attention you deserve. One solution is to hire a PR firm or publicist to actively create media opportunities for you. If this is out of the budget, then the other option is manage your PR in-house.

Here are four tips to guide you for managing your own public relations and positioning yourself as an expert in the media.

1. Identify your Expertise

What do you know a lot about that other people want (or even better, need) to know? Simply think of your valuable experiences as they relate to your brand and how they can be relevant to your audience:

How have you impacted your customers the most?

What does your business do differently or why is it better than the competition?

Have you been through a situation and learned something that would save others time and money? (think: researching the best options for retirement homes, planning a wedding on a shoestring budget, etc.)

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to position your own experiences as valuable advice to people in a niche audience who need it.

2. Build your Bio

If your industry values fancy titles or membership organizations, then join the most official organizations in your field. If you run a small, local business, then join your local chamber or other industry groups. This will boost your bio and credibility while giving you access to host a free talk, workshop, or luncheon.

3. Get Experience

Offer to host a free, one-hour talk on your topic at one of the organizations you joined above or at the nearest large university. If you have time and it makes sense for your brand, you can also offer this talk to a local business. Just make sure to pitch it as a free, educational talk — not focused on sales.

You can promote it on Eventbrite, Facebook, through student or business groups, or even use a little guerrilla marketing and put up fliers around the town or campus.

4. Make Your Pitch!

You’ve gone through steps 1-3, and you’ve positioned yourself well. Now, you’re not just anybody. You’re somebody with credentials, experience, and a unique story, and you’re ready to pitch it.

With these factors combined, the last thing you can do to help your media pitch is to make it timely. If you’re a retailer, think ahead to holiday shopping. If you’re an accountant, plan your pitch around tax season.

You don’t have to be in a seasonal industry for this to work. What stories are already making the news? Pitch yourself to weigh in on these topics that you know are already making headlines.

These steps do take some time and effort. But if you do them, you’ll be among the few entrepreneurs that takes the initiative to being seen as a thought leader. This success will reflect not only your individual brand, but on your entire business as well.