Congratulations! You’ve landed a media interview! It might not take long for the excitement to turn to nerves as you realize: You’re about to broadcast in front of hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of people, on live TV!

How do I prepare?
What do I say?
What do I wear?

Well, have no fear. Being on live TV news is an exciting opportunity for your business. Remember how often you’d look here to find out how to watch particular people? That could be people tuning in to watch you now! Though, we know the thought of broadcasting live in front of thousands, potentially millions, of people can be intimidating.

Recently, HAPPY founder Emily Richett created a video that was recently published on where she shared a look behind-the-scenes of a real TV news segment. Watch below for her 5 tips to crushing your media appearance, including the one thing that nearly guarantees you’ll get invited back (we teach all of our PR clients this trick and it’s helped many land ongoing coverage).

1. Create Talking Points

We call this the RM “Media Sheet” and we create one for every client before they do a media interview. The purpose is two-fold- it helps the person being interviewed to be prepared for what they need to talk about, while also prepping the interviewer with all the information they need as well.

2. Wear Your Colors

One of the top questions (after, “what do I say”) that we get asked by clients getting ready for a big TV appearance is: what should I wear? The excitement and novelty of being on television lends itself to creating a fashion dilemma: it feels like you should wear something extra special for the occasion. But usually, this will leave you looking – and feeling- a bit uncomfortable. When you’re being interviewed on live TV, wear what you would typically wear for a big day at work. If you typically wear jeans and a T-shirt, maybe step it up a notch and wear jeans and a button-down shirt. If your brand is really casual, jeans and a logo tee may make sense. While black is always a safe option, don’t be afraid to wear your best colors. Deep hues are usually a good bet. Avoid busy prints and thin stripes, which will create a distracting effect on-air.

3. Consider Microphone Placement

Chances are, you’ll be wearing a lapel microphone. Make sure you have a place to clip it. If you’re wearing a dress, consider wearing a belt for an easy microphone holder. Or, a news anchor trick- wear Spanx or something under your dress so you have a place to put the microphone pack.

4. Know Where to Look

There will be multiple cameras and possibly even more than one person doing the interview, which can make knowing where to look difficult. Before you go on-air, it’s always good to ask where you should look during the interview. Typically, you’ll avoid the cameras altogether and just look at whoever is talking.

5. Have a Call-to-Action

As you wrap your interview, make sure to thank the person who interviewed you and if appropriate, offer up your next idea. Like the example in the video, keep it short and of course, make it interesting for the host.