Our founder, Emily Richett, interviewed dozens of brilliant award-winning entrepreneurs at ClickFunnels’ annual Funnel Hacking Live conference in 2019. One of those entrepreneurs was Dr. Anissa Holmes.

In this interview, dentist and entrepreneur Anissa Holmes talks about how social media marketing was the key to getting her practice in front of people, which in turn helped them fight their fears of going to the dentist. Many, not just dentists, have used digital and online marketing to promote their practices or businesses in recent years, with some opting to go get the Boostmytiktok Real TikTok Followers to help with this organic growth and leading people towards their clinics for the treatments and checkups on offer. There are many forms of marketing online and digitally that can be used, including through social media, emails, advertisements, and SEO. Some SEO companies even work to solely promote medical practices, like Holmes’ business, as seen through this seo for dentists company. For many, using something like this in the medical world is essential, as there are many dental practices and competition is high. Undoubtedly, many will follow in Holmes’ footsteps to promote their own practice and hopefully draw more and more patients that trust and feel comfortable in the environment that they’re in. After all, visiting the dentist can be fearful for some, and advertising in the direction of creating a pleasant atmosphere is what works for many dentists.

Read more about Dr. Holmes and her thoughts on social media marketing in Emily’s article on Entrepreneur, or watch the full interview below.