Whether you’re doing virtual, hybrid, or homeschool this year, HAPPY PR founder Emily Richett has rounded up some of her favorite products to help make the season a little easier for parents and students.

From reading to coding to staying organized and healthy, here’s a look at some of Emily’s top picks for this unusual back-to-school season.

Reading, Coding, and More

Play Osmo

If you’re looking for ways to keep kids both entertained and learning, Play Osmo is an award-winning educational system that works with the iPad or Kindle Fire devices and makes learning fun. It has a variety of learning games that inspire creativity and education, including a program that makes coding accessible for kids as young as age 5. 

Play Osmo recently revamped its award-winning “genius starter kit” to include “family game night” where kids can play on their own or with family. 

You just need a compatible iPad or Kindle Fire; order the rest at playosmo.com.

Dash Into Learning

Dash Into Learning helps kids read right from the beginning, even before they know the alphabet! It’s a beautiful set of books that helps children build confidence as readers.

The format is a short lesson page, followed by a 10-page story. Each set comes with a parent guide and you can also add activity sheets to download fun learning games and adventures. 

Learn more at dashintolearning.com.

Lit League

When your kids are moving on to bigger books, Lit League offers book-themed activity subscription boxes that will help foster a lifelong love of reading. 

Each box is thoughtfully curated by seasoned educators and filled with book-themed activities to delight readers of all ages 

Each box includes: a book with a special bookmark for words they’ll find in the book, 4-5 inspiring activities and discussion questions and answers. 

Pick your Lit League subscription at litleagueboxes.com.

Staying Organized & Healthy

Anchored Women Homeschool Planner

If you’re doing homeschool, virtual school, or any kind of school, you’ll probably want a planner to help keep all these changes organized. 

The “Anchored Women” homeschool planner was created by a homeschool mom and former teacher. It’s completely customizable, from daily to monthly layouts, planning sheets, and more.

You just select your favorite formats from 15 different layouts, download the digital planner, and print.

There’s even a planner for kids that helps teach young ones how to take ownership of their day and responsibilities.

Get your customizable planner at shop.anchored-women.com.

Splendid Spoon

While you’re busy working and schooling from home, Splendid Spoon will help you and your family stay healthy without all the prep and dishes. 

It’s a plant-based, ready-to-eat meal delivery service. You can get nourishing smoothies, grain bowls, and soups delivered right to your door. Just pick a plan, choose your meals, and throw them in the fridge or freezer until you’re ready to eat. 

You can get $35 off with a special back-to-school deal at splendidspoon.com/backtoschooltv

Smile Window Learning Lovey Masks

If you are going back to school in person, Baby Jack & Co. has created a new face mask that is great for students and teachers.

The new “smile window” mask has a translucent window for easy lip-reading and to encourage clear communication. 

It’s made of safe, breathable acrylic poly film and comes in both adult and kid sizes. It helps students and teachers go back to school with clarity and ease. You can order these at babyjackandcompany.com.

You can find more information about all of these products and other learning from home resources at emilyrichett.com/homeschoolproducts.