Holiday shopping season is here, and HAPPY PR founder Emily Richett is sharing some ideas for the littlest people on your list, from newborns to toddlers.

Last year, Emily traveled around the country to share her holiday gift guide. This year, with many news stations avoiding in-person interviews, we changed things up a bit. We filmed two gift guides right in Emily’s living room. And we work with so many incredible mom-invented baby brands that we just had to share them in a baby gift guide!

Have a look at some of the top gifts for babies and new parents, and head over to Emily’s website for a look at even more gift ideas for babies, toddlers, and kids.

Modern Play Gym

This play gym from Finn & Emma is fun for babies and so beautiful that parents will love having it out on display in their home. 

  • 100% non-toxic, organic and natural wood comes in a few different shades to match your decor
  • Select different themed toys that come with it, like Jungle, Woodland or Under the Sea 
  • You can also build your own from a selection of knit, wood, and macrame hanging toys weaved by artisans. They’re removable, easy to clean, and perfect for throwing in the diaper bag. They’re even safe for baby to chew.

Macrame Baby swing

Finn & Emma also has a gorgeous macrame swing that is beautiful in the nursery or even outdoors. Emily’s daughters have outgrown the swing, but they still love using it for their dolls! 

Smart Sleep Bassinet

What better gift to give new parents than the gift of sleep? The Snoo smart bassinet is the ultimate gift under the tree for parents this year.

  • It’s the world’s first smart sleeper that mimics the rhythm of the womb and helps babies (and parents) to get more sleep. With safety top of mind, Snoo features a swaddle that securely attaches to the sleeper so babies can’t roll, and will be nice and snug.
  • Uses a combination of swinging motions and white noise sounds that respond to a baby’s stirring or nighttime cries, while helping them develop better sleep habits.
  • Created by pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp, renowned for his work in calming babies and the book “Happiest Baby on the Block.”
  • Don’t miss out on the rental program, plus their military discount.

Wearable Lovey

Support another mom-invented startup this holiday season with the Snuggy Buddy Wearable Lovey Blanket. It’s the first Lovey Blanket to feature a plush weighted attachment at chest level to safely comfort your 6-to-12-month-old while in a crib.

  • The weighted attachment is shaped like a butterfly, which mimics parents’ comforting touch to help soothe babies to sleep.
  • Overall, the entire blanket weighs less than 1 lb. so it’s safe for little ones.
  • It includes easy in-and-out access for diaper & outfit changes and is made of breathable lightweight, triple-layer, premium fabric.
  • A portion of sales funds blankets for babies in need through Project Linus.

No-Snap Onesies

Make diaper changes easier for both parents & babies with Peasy Co.’s No-Snap Onesies. The onesies were created by a mom who knew there had to be an easier way to handle diaper changes, especially while on-the-go. 

Forget snaps, buttons, velcro, or zippers, these onesies are no-fuss and easy-peasy.

  • They have different colors, short and long sleeves, and an adorable ruffle design. 
  • They’re made in the USA from a hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, breathable, quick-drying Tencel fabric, and they come in eco-friendly packaging.
  • See how it works in Emily’s segment, or you can check out Peasy’s video tutorial.

Diaper Changing Hack

For those older babies that won’t hold still for a diaper change, you’ll want to give the gift of Diapertainment. It’s the new baby tech gadget that makes diaper changes safer, faster and a lot more fun! 

Diapertainment is another mom-invented product, designed to keep squirmy babes entertained while getting a diaper change.

  • It’s a clear, angled phone tray that attaches to your wall right above a changing table, so you can easily distract & help calm even the trickest diaper ninja.
  • Just slip your phone in, hit play on a song or video, and get just enough time for a quick and safe diaper change.

From play to sleep to diaper changes, hopefully you now have some great ideas that will make both baby and parents happy. 

You can find these and all the other gifts in Emily’s baby gift guide, including toys for toddlers, at