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Five Reasons We’re Excited About One of Grand Rapids’ Biggest Grand Openings

The wait for one of Grand Rapids’ largest ongoing developments is almost over. While team HAPPY PR is busy preparing for one of the most highly anticipated grand openings in West Michigan this fall, we wanted to take a moment to share some of the highlights and what we look forward to most about Studio

How the Millennial CEO of LadyBoss Built a $40 Million Business

Our founder, Emily Richett, interviewed dozens of brilliant award-winning entrepreneurs at ClickFunnels’ annual Funnel Hacking Live conference early in 2019. One of them was Brandon Poulin, co-founder of LadyBoss. In this interview, he shares the three strategies responsible for his exponential growth and massive success. 

Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea to Open in Grand Rapids

One of the fastest growing retail beverage franchises, Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea, recently announced expansion into the West Michigan market and continue to announce new locations throughout the US. We’re looking forward to being a part of hundreds of “sweet” Grand Openings in the near future! Read all about the plans for the Grand Rapids location