If you’re looking for the perfect baby shower gift or expecting your own sweet bundle this spring, then this gift guide is for you. We’ve got everything to support a mama through pregnancy and birth through the early years of parenthood in my latest virtual media tour. 

From sleep solutions to the latest parenting gadgets, HAPPY PR founder & millennial mom Emily Richett has a look at some of the top gifts for expectant parents. And for the full list, head to www.emilyrichett.com/baby!


La Petite Creme

All new parents have one thing in common: diaper changes! 

Babies go through 8-10 diapers a day in the first month, but don’t worry. La Petite Creme delivers the french-style of diapering to make all those changes smoother!

La Petite Creme is an alternative to baby wipes. It’s an all-natural cleanser and lotion made with only six safe ingredients that will protect your baby’s bottom 24/7.

You simply apply a little to the skin, or a cotton pad if you prefer, and with a gentle wipe you clean, moisturize, and protect, all in one.

They also have a balm that is great to soothe any part of the body and perfect for the whole family.


Bonsie Baby 

You’ll want to pack Bonsie Baby in your hospital bag for those initial sweet newborn snuggles and beyond. It’s the first and only onesie designed specifically for skin-to-skin bonding.

The soft onesie features double-layered flaps that open so baby’s chest and belly are fully exposed for that direct skin-to-skin connection. 

Its benefits include helping baby to regulate body temperature, heart and breathing rates, and to sleep more soundly. It also helps mom with her postpartum recovery, building milk supply for breastfeeding, increases levels of oxytocin, and so much more.

Bonsie Baby also makes diaper changes a breeze, since you don’t even have to fully undress the baby for a quick change 

It comes in a couple different styles including a footie and a baby bag, and we’re pretty sure it’s made from the softest material on earth.


Mockingbird Stroller

When it’s time to get out strolling, you’ll love Mockingbird. It’s the premium, luxury stroller, at a fraction of the price, that will take you all the way from newborn through toddler stage.

The best part? It’s multi-functional and converts from a single to a double stroller in a snap! It has more than 18 different combinations for two riders, and when you consider the car seat attachments and infant insert, you can make even more combinations. 

It’s also a breeze to set up – Emily put hers together in less than 10 minutes! 

You can give this stroller a test drive with Mockingbird’s 30-day trial policy.


Bodily Care for Birth Box

This “Care for Birth” Box is the complete care package for new parents, from birth recovery to breastfeeding. 

It’s packed with all-natural and organic upgrades to those hospital staples, like cozy socks, breast pads, cooling gel pads, some fancy mesh undies… It’s basically all those essentials you didn’t know you needed until you really do.

Bodily has a whole collection of different boxes to help mom feel prepared for the big birth day and beyond.


Solly Baby

These are the absolute best wraps for keeping baby close. They’re super soft and such a staple for baby’s first year.


They also just launched the new Loop Carrier to keep bigger babies snug up to 45-pounds. They also have the softest newborn outfits and swaddled!


Be & Me

If you’re wearing baby for outdoor adventures, Be & Me makes a multi-functional, expandable baby wearing coat & vest to keep you and babe cozy all season long.

You can find these and even more gift ideas over at Emily’s full gift guide – emilyrichett.com/baby!