Two of the top NBC morning shows in the nation featured Baby Jack & Co.’s Heart Health Month collaboration with Prayers For Finn.

Baby Jack created a Learning Lovey to raise awareness for congenital heart disease (CHD), which affects about 1 in 100 newborns, including Finn Blumenthal of Prayers for Finn. Finn relied on the comfort of Baby Jack’s loveys while in the hospital, and afterward, he and his family wanted to bring the same comfort to other children at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Thanks to funds raised through Baby Jack’s CHD awareness lovey, 100 care packs were donated to families being treated for congenital heart defects at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

For the full story, watch the segment below. You can learn more about Baby Jack & Co. at

And keep an eye out on Philly Live for a follow-up story featuring Finn!