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New Year, New You: How to Refresh Your Brand

January 15, 2020

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While lots of people are focusing on resolutions and living their best lives, the start of a new year offers an important opportunity to evaluate your business as well–especially when it comes to your brand. Is it serving you well? Communicating what you hope?

Branding goes a long way to establish an immediate sense of trust with new or potential customers. A cohesive, well-designed brand shows that your business is well-established, polished, and professional. Of course, it’s important that you evaluate all of your options before deciding on what is best for your business. For many businesses, franchising is sometimes better than starting a new brand, due to the financial benefits that come with it and the security of an already established franchise brand.

Here are a few things to consider if you’re looking to breathe some life into your brand in the new year:

Maintain a Consistent Mission and Overall Brand Identity

The main component of a strong brand starts with the company’s mission and core identity. It’s important to have a goal, a set of company standards, and an idea about the kind of employees and customers you want to attract.

A pretty logo only goes so far if your business isn’t consistent.

Take our client-centric mission, for example:

At HAPPY PR, we work with fast-growth businesses and game-changing entrepreneurs that are disrupting their industries and making a massive impact.

We help them get their products & services in front of their customers and become the “go-to” in their industries, with earned media, engaging content, and social media marketing.

This isn’t just something we say during our weekly planning meetings; it’s an important factor in determining who we accept as clients, the work we do for them, and even the wording on our website.

Basically, before your brand talks the talk with a fancy logo and visual branding, it needs to walk the walk, and walk it consistently.

Publish Content That Aligns With Your Brand Identity

Whether you’re posting on social media, communicating with customers, or publishing blogs, the voice and tone that comes across in your content should be cohesive. It should also rely heavily on your actual business and its values because, ultimately, the goal of any kind of communication from your brand is to appeal to your target audience. Even when you’re not posting on social media, content still needs to be relevant to your business operation. A lot of businesses use social media marketing, but some others still produce monthly catalogs for their customers to see some of their new products and services. By using these catalogs, from companies like Printivity, businesses can produce physical content to communicate with their customers. However businesses choose to do this, it’s just important that they’re producing relevant content that is targeted at their customers.

For example, if you own a financial advising business, you don’t want website copy that sounds peppy and optimistic; it could turn away potential customers who are looking for more knowledgeable, professional-sounding content. On the other hand, a peppy and optimistic tone would be perfect for, say, a brand that sells bath and beauty products for teens. Much like choosing the CMS system behind your site (as outlined here: it all depends on who you are and what you do.

At HAPPY, when we publish content for clients (blogs, bylines, social media captions) we make sure to have a strong understanding of their brand’s personality by knowing their mission and values, understanding their target audience and studying their website and other published copy.

We know a consistent visual design is important, which is why even our mail gets specially designed!

Pay Close Attention to Visual Design

A well-thought-out brand design goes a long way to communicate to customers the kind of products or services they can expect from you. The visual element of your brand will be the most immediately noticeable and memorable to people who aren’t already familiar with your business.

Your business should have a logo, website design, and branded materials that all follow a determined style; this is where creating a brand guide, or paying someone to create one for you, comes in handy.

HAPPY PR uses a brand guide – we have a set of colors, a font, and more standards we use to maintain a consistent visual brand. And it doesn’t stop at our website, either.

We sent out “HAPPY Mail” to our clients during the holiday season, and we planned the entire design meticulously, down to the details on the box.

This Inc. article discusses product packaging specifically when it says well-designed packaging “can have a direct impact on sales and a company’s overall appeal,” but the idea is pertinent to anything you send to clients or customers, even if you’re a B2B business like us.

A good visual design goes a long way to improving brand recognition and yes, even increasing sales – it’s simply good for business.

HAPPY PR rebranded from Richett Media in 2018, and we celebrated the change with a rebrand party!

When to Consider a Complete Rebrand

Fun fact: HAPPY PR used to be Richett Media!

Yep, we completely rebranded back in 2018. We realized that the company needed a) to shift gears and really hone in on our mission and b) a fresh new look with a name people couldn’t pronounce wrong. With that being said, we needed to come up with various marketing methods to ensure people were aware of our rebrand. We’d heard that places like Custom Water can make water bottles with our very own logo and brand colors on it, which can be put in our premises and even at trade shows when we want to create more awareness. It’s definitely a good way for us to tell people about our new rebrand, but we’re just glad that we decided to make this change to our business.

If you’re realizing that your business isn’t going in the direction you originally intended, or it has changed for the better and needs branding that reflects where it’s at now, it might be time for a rebrand. As our mural says, “Do more of what makes you happy!”

A cohesive brand is going to improve your brand awareness and make your business automatically more trustworthy to your target audience. It will also communicate that you pay close attention to your own business, which is a sign that you show the same level of care (if not more) for your clients or customers.

We’d love to help you Amplify your brand. Tell us a bit about your business to learn how we can help!

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