The Power of Earned Media

May 28, 2019

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The media landscape is always changing, but one thing will always remain the same: positively positioning your product or business to the public is a vital way to increase awareness and grow your audience.

At HAPPY, one of the many tactics we use to accomplish this for our clients is through earned media, which is media that is secured organically, often from pitching, and unlike sponsored opportunities, is unpaid. Take a look at the impact that earned media can have on your business and how it can benefit your bottom line:

1. Establishes credibility

Earned media is a great way to bring awareness to your product and brand because it establishes credibility.

At a time when sponsored ads are dominating the industry, it says a lot about a product or brand when the words “this is sponsored content” or “#ad” are not included in a product review or company spotlight.

Sponsored ads definitely have their place in a marketing plan, but earned media offers a powerful return that you can’t get with a paid budget.

In order to willingly cover a product or brand (without receiving compensation), reporters and editors must believe your product will provide value to their audience. This is why earned media is the ultimate testimonial and form of credibility.

2. Can be leveraged in numerous ways

Once you land earned coverage, there are many ways to leverage it for further impact and visibilitybecause hey, you earned it.

Some ways to repurpose content include:

  • Sharing the link on all of your social accounts (it’s OK to share the link numerous times over the course of three months, just make sure it’s not back-to-back)
  • Writing it into a blog recap on your website
  • Sharing with your email list
  • Running it as a FB or Google ad. Consider using a screenshot or portion of the video/article or images on your ads and watch your conversions soar.
  • Including an “as seen in” section on your website. Media logos = credibility. Make the most of them! You can even splash these on your Linkedin profile or your business Facebook cover photo (Canva has some simple templates for this).

3. Builds momentum

Every business has to start somewhere, even with earned media coverage.

When beginning your hunt for earned media coverage, don’t overlook smaller outlets or even your local news stations.

Smaller outlets have a more niche audience, fewer reporters to locate and communicate with, and are more likely to cover smaller or new products.

In most cases, before you can land major press like Cosmopolitan, Oprah Magazine, or Good Morning America, you need to already have experience and be able to show you have a media track record. If you pitch the TODAY Show, you can bet they expect your product has already been featured on your local NBC station.

Having links to previously earned media coverage only solidifies that your product can “walk the walk,” not just “talk the talk.”

One of the most rewarding factors in receiving earned media coverage is because it’s, well, earned (AKA, free).

However, that doesn’t mean securing earned media coverage is an easy task, as it requires thorough research, media pitching experience, and quality relationships with media contacts that cover your product’s niche.

Not sure where to start with getting earned media? That’s what we’re here for. Find out how we can help by telling us a bit about your brand, and we’ll be in touch.

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